Preschool & Child Care

An establishment that aims to make learning a fun experience, with an excellent vision to help the all-round development of a student as a part of early childhood education. A small step towards a better tomorrow.


Our teacher’s training initiative enables aspiring teachers to help us mold the future of tomorrow. The lay-out of this program has been made to help us holistically develop our students into better and well-groomed individuals.

Conventions (Eduthon)

Eduthon is our focused education orientated conventions in the form of webinars, workshops, and idea exchange summits, filled with interesting information and interactive activities for a better learning experience.


Help us help you and let us together help society. Presenting you an opportunity to collaborate with us and assist us in creating a better future for our children.

Vedgunn Foundation

Vedgunn Foundation is an NGO whose purpose is to give information, guidance, training, and instructions for health and wellbeing for both children and adults. It works at the grassroots level to ensure impoverished children have access to quality education. This mission will focus on assisting, organising, guiding, coaching, training, and grooming for both children and adults.